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Customized Valentine’s Day Cards!

We’re happy to announce our

Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions!

January 19th, 2013
from 3pm to 5pm

  Sessions will last approximately 10 minutes ($5 per person session fee) and include a custom designed Valentine’s Day card.  Use one of our ideas or come with one of yours!  (Cards cost $1.25 each with a minimum order of 25 cards).


Last year, as Valentine’s Day pins started showing up all over Pinterest, one in particular caught my attention.  It was cute and I knew our girls would have a blast shooting the pictures in the studio to complete it.   I took their picture with their hand extended all the way out, so that afterwards, we could cut slits into the picture and insert a sucker.

I was right, they did have a blast.  I started with Emma and photographed her in a variety of different poses.  Here is the one she chose….

Next, it was Abbie’s turn.  Abbie is a pro in front of the camera (10+ years of practice!) and she knew exactly what she wanted to do.  What she didn’t want however, was Emma in the picture.  Playing the part of  the “annoying little sister”, Emma ran in the frame and I snapped this shot.  No posing, completely spontaneous.   How could she not choose this shot??

Our oldest, Chris, is in 7th grade this year.  They don’t exchange Valentine’s in middle school.  However, after seeing the girl’s finished cards,  he decided (3 days before V-day, of course!) that he wanted to do them too.  He didn’t want to hold his sucker though, he wanted to “sword swallow” it.   That is a teenage boy for you.  Strange?  Yup.  But clever and we can appreciate that.  Here is Chris’ final product…

 Happy Valentine’s Day!


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High Resolution Offer!

It’s that time of year again!  We are getting ready to archive all our sessions from 2011 to clear out room for 2013 (not to worry, we don’t get rid of any of our portraits, we just put our older hard drives and backups into storage.)

Before we do so, we would love to extend an offer for a high resolution disk with print release to all our clients from 2011 and earlier.  All sessions (in studio and on location) can be purchased through February 1st, 2013 for $100 (this is a 75% savings!).  Also, we are selling all the portraits from your New Baby Club from 2011 or earlier for $150 (a 90% savings!).

If you would like to purchase this today, click HERE!  If you have any questions, please contact us!

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The Reindeer Puppies!

And for your daily dosage of cuteness — meet the reindeer puppies!
These little guys were birthed and found under a home.  They are approximately 5 weeks old and in a loving foster home.  When asked if we could take a couple shots to help get them adopted, both Jason and I said, “YES!”  They are all adoptable from Al-Van Humane Society.  (Applications can be submitted at http://al-van.org/AV/Adoptapp.html).

From left to right– Vixen(f),  Dancer(m),  Prancer(f), Blitzen(m),  Dasher(m),  Comet(f),  Rudolf(m)



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