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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For anyone that knows me, it will come as no surprise that I am in love with Pinterest.  I have found several projects that we have not only tried and completed, but some that have failed miserably.  Once,  I attempted to drill a hole through a glass bottle in the kitchen and it exploded in my hands.  I’ve somehow convinced my neighbor that it would be a good idea to cut glass with a piece of yarn, nail polish remover and fire.  Yes fire.  I will make sure to set up the video camera for this one.   It promises to be nothing short of epic.

My biggest Pinterest successes have been the recipes, however.  I love to cook and I love to bake.   I’ve gotten a couple killer cookie recipes — just ask Jason and the kids.    Sounds weird, but I’m going to try out a cauliflower mac&cheese for dinner tonight.

A couple weeks ago, Valentine’s Day pins started showing up all over Pinterest.  One in particular caught my attention — it was cute and I knew our girls would have a blast shooting the pictures in the studio to complete it.   I took their picture with their hand extended all the way out, so that afterwards, we could cut slits into the picture and insert a sucker.

I was right, they did have a blast.  I started with Emma and photographed her in a variety of different poses.  Here is the one she chose….

Next, it was Abbie’s turn.  Abbie is a pro in front of the camera (10+ years of practice!) and she knew exactly what she wanted to do.  What she didn’t want however, was Emma in the picture.  Playing the part of  the “annoying little sister”, Emma ran in the frame and I snapped this shot.  No posing, completely spontaneous.   How could she not choose this shot??

Our oldest, Chris, is in 7th grade this year.  They don’t exchange Valentine’s in middle school.  However, after seeing the girl’s finished cards,  he decided (3 days before V-day, of course!) that he wanted to do them too.  He didn’t want to hold his sucker though, he wanted to “sword swallow” it.   That is a teenage boy for you.  Strange?  Yup.  But clever and we can appreciate that.  Here is Chris’ final product…

 Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Oliver is Two — [Holland, Mi Children’s Photographer]

I received an email from Oliver’s mom earlier this month asking to schedule his two year session and mentioned she wanted to bring in some props.

Mom:  ” Just to warn you, we will likely be bringing a prop for it. Oliver is getting a pedal airplane for his birthday, as well as the matching bomber jacket and aviator hat w/ goggles.  We are nerds and I am sorry.”

Me:  “Don’t ever apologize for bringing awesomeness into the studio!  That plane is incredible!  I’ll bring the fan!”

I know I’ve said this before, but I will say it again — We LOVE it when people bring in their own props!  It personalizes the session and makes us think outside the box!  Win-win!


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Summer on the Brain

It’s been a really strange winter here in Michigan.  No snow until after Christmas, and a thunderstorm last night!  It’s nearly February!  With all this unseasonably warm weather, I have summer on the brain more than usual.  Jason and I LOVE summer.  We love being outdoors and yes, I realize you can go outdoors in the snow, it’s not nearly as pleasant.  For example, we tried cross country skiing yesterday (it was fun and I’m sore today!) but my toes were freezing the entire time.  That’s just not cool.

This morning I was browsing through a folder with images that I need to get around to blogging and this session jumped out at me.  It’s warm.  And sunny.  Ahhhh….I can’t wait for summer!

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Briana & Joey – [Holland, MI Wedding Photographer]

This is a wedding that we previously featured on our old blog, however it’s one of my favorites from 2011 and I thought I would revisit it on the new site.  I’ve thrown in some new shots along with some of my old favorites!  I love how warm it feels, especially on a cold, snowy day like today!  Ah summer, how I miss you!  (I’m not complaining too much though, we just finished up photographing an awesome family session out in the snow today!  Definitely a unique and fun way to do portraits!)

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