Dustin and Jessica

I can never forget just how fortunate we are in our business.  We have the delightful privilege of meeting and working with clients during their happiest times.  Weddings and first children, engagements and reunions and parties, we really get to experience some of the best moments of many people’s lives.

Dustin and Jessica.  Wow, these two are an amazing couple.  They are funny, caring and seriously good looking people (really, I think their plan is to repopulate Holland with gorgeous babies), and we have had the honor of being with them right from their engagement.  I hope you enjoy this little look back over the past few years!

For their engagement pictures, we decided to head out to Tunnel Park in Holland one early morning.  One thing led to another and we were playing in Lake Michigan!  This was a seriously fun engagement shoot!

Before long it was the big day!  Love those shoes!

Now, I’m not usually too prone to being overly sensitive about things.   During their ceremony, while Dustin was professing his love and commitment, I actually started to tear up (yea, this is Jason speaking, not Heather!)  So heartfelt and true was his emotion that I could not help but feel it too.

I already said seriously good looking couple, right?  These two are ridiculously photogenic!

They are truly a perfect match.  Jessica is wild and crazy, Dustin is mellow and mild.  I don’t think it’s a matter of “opposites” but rather, perfect compliments.

Jessica came in for some fun and sassy shots as a gift for Dustin.  While she may look sultry and serious in this one, she was laughing throughout the whole shoot!

What a treat for us!  Not only did we photograph their engagement and wedding, but now….a baby is coming!

Jessica has been one of my favorite people to work with.  She’s so open for new ideas and really let me be creative and have fun with these maternity pictures.

To finish off the maternity session, we decided to bring things around full circle, so we went back out to Tunnel Park for some wonderful outdoor shots by Heather.

Little Dillon.  Beautiful, that’s all I can really say.

I wish I had his hair! Can you believe he was born with it!?  What an awesome little man.

Now that’s one cute little Dill pickle!

Three months old and smiling away!

I absolutely love this!  Owls are in!

I’d say Dillon is shaping up to be just as photogenic as mom and dad.  I can’t wait for the next time we see him, just a few more months, Jessica!

~Jason and Heather

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