‘Tis the Season!

Today the children at Eagle Crest Charter Academy celebrated the holiday season!  It’s the last day of school before Christmas Break (can you say crazy kids?) and someone had a brilliant idea.  Instead of the traditional candy feast, they instead served breakfast!  The smell of pancakes and sausage filled the hallways — nice!

Jason and I were talking the day before and thought maybe setting up a mini photo booth might be fun for Abbie’s classroom.  We had already planned to be there to snap a few shots during the party.  We asked her teacher and the idea soon blossomed into including the entire 4th grade.  To say the least, we had a blast.  The kids were a riot, not to mention the teachers.  Here are a few from over 200 pictures we snapped.

Parents, you can download all the pics HERE for free!
(There are over 200 so keep an eye out for your child!)


I can’t help but think of the line in the movie “Elf” with Will Ferrell when I see these next two pictures….
“He’s an angry elf!”

Even the teachers got in on the action!

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