4th Annual Easter Bunny Fundraiser

4th Annual Easter Bunny Fundraiser
March 16th, 2013  |  10am to 3pm
$10 donation per child

(all pre-donation time slots have been filled! walk-ins still welcomed!)

(Want to see more portraits from last years Easter Bunny event?  Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post!)

We made the official announcement on Facebook (along with an event invite HERE) and have been absolutely AMAZED at the overwhelming response to our 4th Annual Easter Bunny Fundraiser!

If you are not familiar with this event, let me explain!  Each year we provide cute, fluffy baby bunnies (and baby chicks too if they are available!) for a unique photo shoot for charity.  This year, we again will happily donate 100% of the proceeds to the Holland Community Action House.  In exchange for your $10 donation per child, we will provide a mini portrait session with the baby bunny and give you a FREE 5×7!

This is a walk in event, HOWEVER, due to popular demand we will be scheduling appointments with your pre-donation!  You can pre-donate in one of three ways:

1) call us and schedule a time to come into the studio to prepay & schedule your time (616) 644-2428

2) send a check in the mail (made payable to Community Action House please!) and call or email to schedule your time


3) pre-pay with your credit card and call or email to schedule your time  (all pre-donation time slots have been filled!!)


Credit card donations can be made by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.  Because this is for charity, a convenience fee of $1 has been added to this option to cover the cost of credit card processing fees. After you click Buy Now, you will be brought to a new screen.  Please select the quanity (how many children you have) and then either log into your PayPal account, or click “I don’t have a PayPal account” to proceed without a PayPal account.   All pre-donation time slots have been filled.  Please donate if you have already spoken to us and need to pre-pay your time slot, or if you would like to pre-pay for your walk-in session with the bunnies.  All pre-donations are NON-REFUNDABLE!


Q. If all your pre-donations slots are full, are you going to be able to fit walk-ins into the schedule?
A.  Yes!  Our schedule will permit approximately one walk-in in between every scheduled pre-donation time.  There may be a wait for walk-ins depending on how many show up within a certain amount of time.  We are amazed by the response we have received this year, and are working to make sure that we keep a good flow going through the studio.

Q. Can I purchase additional prints afterwards?
A.  Yes you may!  We will have special package deals available for purchase the day of the event.

Package 1:
16 wallets
(2) 5×7’s
$30 (saving of $18!)

Package 2:
24 wallets
(1) 8×10
(2) 5×7’s
$50 (saving of  $30!)

Digital Image w/ printing rights
$30 per image (savings of $30!)

Purchase of prints after the event will be at our typical studio prices.

Q.  I just had my first baby and wanted to know if you could photograph my newborn with the bunnies for her first Easter?
A.  Congratulations on your new little one!  While we photograph MANY newborns and would love to schedule you a regular session, this event is only appropriate for babies who are comfy and able to support their heads on their belly (approximately ages 3-4 months) and older children who are able to sit unassisted.

Q.  I have 3 children and would like a photo of them all together with the baby bunny.  Is this possible?
A.  Definitely!  We ask for a donation of $10 per child which goes to charity, regardless of how many children are in the portrait.  For each $10 donation we will give you a free 5×7.

Q.  I’m going to be out of town the day of your fundraiser.  Can I schedule a regular session with the bunnies and chicks for my children??
A.  I’m so sorry, but this is a one day only event!  VI Pets of Holland has been so gracious to let us borrow their bunnies these last years and we need to return them the same day.  We hope that you are able to make it next year!

Q.  I didn’t pre-donate, can I still have my children’s portraits done with the bunny?
A.  ABSOLUTELY!  The pre-donations allow you to schedule a time for your mini-session.  Basically, this means you get “cut in line” at your prescheduled time!  We will definitely accept walk-ins and will squeeze people in where ever we can!

Q.  My child isn’t very comfortable with strangers.  Or animals.   How do you handle cranky kids??
A.  There are usually a handful of children every year who are not comfortable with the bunny.  We found last year that those who didn’t like the bunny, didn’t mind the baby chicks!  We will do everything in our power to get them again this year, however with Easter being so early, they may not be “in season” yet.  If your child has a melt down, we recommend hanging out in the lobby for a while until they become more comfortable.  We will let someone else go ahead of you and try again in a little bit.

If you have any additional questions regarding this event, please let me know!  We are SUPER excited for this event and are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new!

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