Olivia — A Playdate Session

We first met Livy as a newborn.  She had a twinkle in her eye that  I couldn’t really describe.  We see A LOT of babies in the studio and she was different.  At her 6 month session, she was pulling herself to standing already and crawling (actually she had started this a few weeks earlier).  This little one is smart as a tack.  She said her first words at 9 months (“tow truck” — her dad owns Tim’s Towing, so can you blame her??) and then talking really well at around 14 months old.   Her mom posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that Livy was remembering being inside her mom’s belly.  If it were any other kid I’d say, “Yeah, whatever!”  but this is Livy we’re talking about.   So, I don’t know….maybe she does remember?

Livy’s mom brought their dog Kenzie along with them for the shoot.   The browns and whites….I’m in love with this image.

And finally, a quick couple shots in the studio to show off the dress that her mom wore when she was 3 years old.

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